This option allows you to copy content from other software such as Microsoft Word and paste it directly onto the site.

  1. Give the Category a name
  2. Decide where it should be located. Usually it will be on the (Main Menu) - but you can put a category inside another category – we call this a  subcategory. Just select your option from the drop down list. Main Menu options appear in the Left Trim area and act as a navigation path for visitors.
  3. The Content section allows you to paste information from a word processed document. To insert graphics, just click the insert image icon to the left of the icon bar. You can also hyperlink words to other pages or other sites using the Create Hyperlink button, and even link a word to a file (for example – Download this Entry Form now) using the Link to File icon.


Categories and ‘FreeStyle’ pages use the same tools.


- This icon appears in the editor beside all category pages that are visible to the public.


- This icon appear beside all category pages that are switched off - the public can't see them!