There are five options when adding a page to your site. Each page has a different purpose - outlined in the links below. Icons indicate which option was used to create the page.

Product Pages - give a consistent look and feel to products or services you may sell. When the prices and shopping cart are activated, these pages become your ordering system

Picture Gallery - is used to show a number of small 'thumbnail' pictures relating to the same topic. Clicking on a thumbnail image will enlarge it in the body of the gallery.

Email Form Builder - collects precise information in the format and order you want. Use this in place of 'email us' links to get accurate data from your users.

FreeStyle - allows you to copy text, tables and formatting from other programs such as Word and paste it to your web site. This is the most commonly used page for flexible design.

Direct Link - redirects the user to another page, or even another site.

Product Form Picture Gallery Email Form Builder
FreeStyle Direct Link