Beginners Tips

  •  Collecting content is the most time consuming part of creating a web site - Text and Pictures. Use a word processor to compile all of your text in a single file, because the FastWeb editor allows you to import directly from a word processor.
  • Only use graphics that are appropriate to the text – so start with the text and then find graphics (or hire a photographer) to fit your content.
  • Don’t write ‘Coming Soon’ on any page – it has been abused so often that the word ‘soon’ has come to have no meaning on the web. It will turn people away from your site.
  • Make sure your site is always up to date – but don’t state it anywhere, it should be assumed. People expect it to be up to date, but they don’t want to hear you are doing it.
  • Choose someone in your organization to take responsibility for your web site. Have them train one other person.
  • Set a time each month to review the content of your site – the first Monday of every month.