This form allows you to set up a gallery of pictures. Galleries can be used to present products, outline your staffing expertise or give a virtual tour of your business.

You need to give your gallery a name – ie Staff, Virtual Tour, Pictures.

Again, a gallery can be added to any category or subcategory by changing the location option. A list of available categories and subcategories will appear in the drop down Location box.

Browse through your hard drive (or CD) to find some graphics that are suited to the site. While the server will resize the graphics for consistency, it is advised to keep graphic uploads below 50kb. If your graphics are bigger than this, you should resize them using PixResizer (Free Software found on the CD - or download here).

As you add more graphics to your gallery, you will find that it creates a ‘scroll box’ on the website. This stops the gallery from pushing the design right down the page in larger galleries.


Tip : If you select the ‘Thumbnails’ option in your Choose File window, you can see the pictures in a smaller format. This makes selection much easier. This is not available on older versions of windows.