I thought I would share some money saving tips with you this month. Just three – AND they don’t require you to use FastWeb in order to save money.


  1. Buy an Australian Domain name. They cost $140 for 2 years from Melbourne IT (www.melbourneit.com.au), which is dearer than a .com address … which can cost less $30 for the same period. However - .com addresses are really only for businesses that export. If you have a .com address, many Australians browsing the web will ignore your site for one of two reasons – they think you are located overseas or they think you were too cheap to buy a .com.au address. Australians expect Australian companies to have and Australian domain name. Don’t save yourself a couple of dollars in the name you buy – because when you realize your mistake, you will have to reprint all your stationery, let everyone know about the change etc … and basically start from scratch. Sometimes, following the crowd is the best way to go.
  2. Get your content together BEFORE you get quotes. The more organized you are, the easier it is for a web developer to see what you need. When they are in any doubt, they ramp up the price to cover for any unforeseen hitches. And while you are at it – get three quotes. Tell the web developer you are getting three quotes, and give them a date that the quote needs to be submitted by. It will keep them honest.
  3. Google is the worlds best search engine and is great if you want to look for information, but if you want local businesses, it doesn’t usually deliver. The Yellow Pages Online are used by lots of businesses to find other businesses. The business to business market online is worth BILLIONS – yes … BILLIONS – and yet some businesses don’t even have their website linked to the Yellow Pages. It costs a maximum of about $160 in metro areas … and only about $80 in rural areas to link your site to the Yellow Pages. The question is – why doesn’t everyone do it! Its much cheaper than trying to get noticed on Google! And keep your eye out for the new geographical search engine coming your way. At $250 per annum, its an even better way to find local businesses on the internet.


FastWeb is currently trialing a small business course tailored for delivery through BEC’s, RTO’s, NEIS, Incubator and Training organizations. Initial feedback has been great, but we are still fine tuning the funding model. Called ‘SmartWeb’, 10 participants are assisted through a course that will guarantee a website within a week and ongoing support for 12 months. The returns for the SmartWeb consultant can be up to $5000 for a 30 hour time investment. If you are interested in being part of this project, contact Anthony for more details. (03) 5337 2902