Using PixResizer


  1. Make sure all the images you want to resize are in the same folder. This is called the ‘Source’ folder, because it holds the original images.
  2. Open PixResizer
  3. Choose ‘Work with Multiple Files’ tab. This lets you resize a whole folder in one hit.
  4. Click the Source button and browse for the folder containing all your original images
  5. Click the Destination button – and browse the Source Folder BUT – select the New Folder Button and create a new folder inside the Source Folder called WebPix – to remind you that the photos are the same, but resized for the web.
  6. Select a new size. It is usually set to 600 – which is too wide – drop it down to 520.
  7. Then – go to the bottom and select ‘Save Pictures’.
  8. PixResizer will begin its job and you will have resized pictures for the web.